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Ctrip sets up first offshore shop in Scotland

2017/9/19 17:54:39
Nearly a year after making its first major overseas purchase of British flight news provider Skyscanner, International Ltd. has launched its first offshore call center in the UK as it slowly steps outside its home market, a person with direct knowledge of the situation said on Monday.

The new center will start off small, but eventually house as many as 200 English speakers over a couple of years, he said. That would complement the company’s much larger pool of thousands of people staffing its call centers in China, its home market where it is the dominant player.

“It’s very small and pretty immaterial in terms of investment,” he said. “It’s something being tested over the long term to be able to better service Ctrip’s customer base. The large majority of Ctrip’s customer base is outbound tourism anyhow.”

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